To work as a Nursing Assistant, you must be certified, have a minimum of 1 year experience as a Nursing Assistant in a healthcare facility such as nursing home, assisted living or hospital.

  • You will need to complete our APPLY NOW application.
  • Nursing Assistants must be certified in the state which they are working.  
  • To work in our Maryland facilities, you must have both Maryland GNA & CNA certifications.  To work in Delaware, you must have a Delaware CNA certification.  
  • We require a current CPR (BLS) from the American Heart Association. 
  • ​List of all facilities you have worked in (either as contract or staff.
  • Current PPD (or chest xray), current physical within the last year.  
  • Excellent professional references.  Please come to your interview with a list of 3 professional individuals (not friends) that we may call about your experience. Those references must be either a former supervisor, RN who worked with you, or someone who you worked with directly. 

Please complete the forms on the FORMS page, the application online, and the following forms:
CNA skills checklist
CNA competency test



F:  410-630-7280


To become a Shore Staffing employee, we ask that you complete the forms below in addition to those found on the FORMS tab.

Requirements for employment are a minimum of 1 years clinical experience working in a hospital, nursing home, assisted living facility, hospice, clinic, or other healthcare facilities. 

You will need to provide the following:​

  • Current BLS certification by American Heart Association
  • Copy of any other certification 
  • Proof of Good Health:
    • Pre-employment physical exam and statement of good health (annual requirement)
    • Negative PPD or, if positive or BCG, a negative chest x-ray as baseline and completion of annual TB questionnaire
    • Current immunizations and/or titer levels
    • Fit Test, Flu shot, Hep B, Tdap
  • A minimum of 2 professional references (provide the phone number and email address of each reference, please)
  • Successful completion of a  drug screen within 1 week.
  • Direct deposit form with copy of voided check (required)

Print and complete the following form.  

MED TEST - Please print and complete this test and fax with your packet.  Skills Checklists and competency tests are below based on your experience.  Print and complete them.  ]

HOSPITAL NURSES -  Click on the appropriate checklist and test. 
CCU/ICU  Skills Checklist  Competency Test
ER            Skills Checklist & Competency Test
Med/Surg  Skills Checklist & Competency Test
Telemetry  Skills Checklist & Competency Test

Long Term Care (Geriatric) Nurses: (note, LTC does not require competency test)  LTC skills checklist