We hire licensed RNs & LPNs.  Our clients include hospitals, nursing homes, schools, assisted living, correctional institutions and more.

To become a Shore Staffing employee, we ask that you complete the forms below in addition to those found on the FORMS tab.

Requirements for employment are a minimum of 2 years clinical experience working in a hospital, nursing home, assisted living facility, hospice, clinic, or other healthcare facilities. 

This will seem like a great deal of documentation and it is.  But to work with us, you will need to provide the following:

  • Nursing license in good standing
  • Completion of the Shore Staffing application, resume and nursing competency, med test, and skills checklists (below)
  • Graduation from an accredited school of nursing with verification 
  • Current BLS certification by American Heart Association
  • Copy of any other certification relative to your specialty
  • Completed hiring and tax forms (2 forms of ID and citizenship or proof of US employment eligibility required)
  • Healthy Hiring Practices:
    • Pre-employment physical exam and statement of good health (annual requirement)
    • Negative PPD or, if positive or BCG, a negative chest x-ray as baseline and completion of annual TB questionnaire
    • Current immunizations and/or titer levels
    • Fit Test, Flu shot, Hep B, Tdap
  • A minimum of 2 professional references with 2 Clinical evaluations from current or former supervisors
  • Successful completion of a criminal background check and drug screen within 1 week.
  • Direct deposit form with copy of voided check (required)

Print and complete the following form.  

The forms below are online.  No need to print them.  Just open them, click on submit when you are finished and they will be forwarded to us.  

Skills Checklists and/or Competency Tests below are based on your specialty and experience.  Please complete the following appropriate competencies and skills checklists:

HOSPITAL NURSES -  Click on the appropriate checklist and test.  Some are oneline tests, no need to print them.  Please complete, click on submit and we will receive your test results online 
CCU/ICU  Skills Checklist  & Competency Test
ER            Skills Checklist & Competency Test
Med/Surg  Skills Checklist & Competency Test
Telemetry  Skills Checklist & Competency Test
Long Term Care (Geriatric) Nurses: (note, LTC does not require competency test)  LTC skills checklist


To work as a Nursing Assistant, you must be certified, have a minimum of 1 year experience as a Nursing Assistant in a healthcare facility such as nursing home, assisted living or hospital.

  • You will need to complete our APPLY NOW application.
  • Nursing Assistants must be certified in the state which they are working.  
  • To work in our Maryland facilities, you must have both Maryland GNA & CNA certifications.  To work in Delaware, you must have a Delaware CNA certification.  
  • We require a current CPR (BLS) from the American Heart Association. 
  • ​List of all facilities you have worked in (either as contract or staff.
  • Current PPD (or chest xray), current physical within the last year.  
  • Excellent professional references.  Please come to your interview with a list of 3 professional individuals (not friends) that we may call about your experience. Those references must be either a former supervisor, RN who worked with you, or someone who you worked with directly. 

Please complete the forms on the FORMS page, the application online, and the following forms:
CNA skills checklist
CNA competency test