Shore Staffing


CLICK on the gray box above that says:  ONLINE APPLICATION.  Complete the application with details.  Once you complete the final section, click on submit and your application will be forwarded to us.


  • OPEN COMMUNICATION:  Tell us what jobs/assignments you want.  
  • STRAIGHT FORWARD:  Complete the online application.
  • FOLLOW OUR POLICIES:  We will need you to upload your resume.
  • COMMITMENT:  We will conduct an interview with you.  This is when you tell us your true feelings of what you want.
  • TIME MANAGEMENT:  Following the interview, if we feel you are a match to our company, Paula will send you packet 1.  This needs to be completed as soon as possible and faxed or scanned back to us.  We can tell your level of interest by how quickly you take the time to complete and return these.  

REMEMBER there are others just like you waiting for the right job.  Be ready to get started.

Here are a few tips on how to write an effective resume:

  1. One page, maybe two.  Your resume should not have so much information that your reader will be bored.  Give just the facts:  where you worked, city, state, dates of employment, title, and what you did.  You can include accommodations and awards.
  2. Do not include your photo.  Make sure the font is one of the basics:  Arial, Times Roman, etc.  And no larger than 12.  Color of font, black.  
  3. Use standard margins.  Not narrow.  Make sure it prints appropriately.  AND my suggestion is to save it as a pdf so no one can change it.
  4. Start with your name/address/phone numbers/email address on the top.  Then add a summary of what type position you are searching for.  Then chronologically list all of your jobs.  In fact, go on line and check out examples of resumes (especially searching for similar to your field of expertise).
  5. Please don't list any personal information like date of birth, information that is confidential, family descriptions, etc.
  6. Finally, have 3 friends who are detail readers, have them check your resume for clarity, accuracy, and flow.  Fix the errors.  


We want to represent you professionally.  To do so, you need to provide us with the details about you.  This is how we match you to the right assignment.  In order to make this happen, you will need to complete this application in detail.and attach your resume.

Why do we need both?  Professionally speaking, you do.  We want our clients to see what your experience is, your demeanor and the abilities you possess.  Make sure your resume is up to date and truly describes what you can do.