This is our online application.  Please click on the green application box above right and you will be directed to our online application.  We ask you to attach your resume in the resume section.  Make sure your resume is up to date and truly describes your experience.  Once you complete the final section, click on submit and your application will be forwarded to us.  We will review your application and resume.  We will call you if your background meets our requirements.

We are hiring nurses and nursing assistants for clients in Delaware & Maryland.  We enjoy matching the right person with the right job.  New clients are contacting us on a regular basis and ask us to find someone right away.  In order for that to be possible, you will need to be thorough on your application so we make the right match for you!

With new clients, we have new challenges.  Getting to know them properly before you walk in the door sometimes is difficult.  Let’s face it, they call us when they are desperate.  Either people have left suddenly leaving them without the proper staffing.  Or they are experiencing staff out on leave.  At any rate, we are there to save the day.  You may walk in and have an impressive orientation preparing you properly to work there.  BUT there are facilities who just don’t realize and appreciate the benefit of a good and thorough orientation. 

Before you can begin working, you’ll need to know the basics of your new facility, like where things are and how they operate. A lot of the information you’ll need should be explained in orientation, so pay close attention. If you still have questions, be on the lookout for those who can help.

Though many things will seem similar as you move between assignments, each facility has its own policies for operation and instructions for agency nurses. Get acquainted with these changes from the start and they’ll help you throughout your time there.  

TELEPHONE SKILLS when you are looking for a job:

When you are in the job search mode, a potential employer might be calling you to discuss your application.  Have you ever considered that the FIRST IMPRESSION for a new job starts on the phone?  How do you sound?  Are you easy to talk to?  Do you sound professional, upbeat, and easy to talk to?  Here are a few points for you to consider:

  • FIRST IMPRESSION:  Change your answering machine.  Although many of us like music, don't have your personal answering system playing loud music in the background.  It is hard to understand what you are saying with that.
  • When you call a potential employer, speak clearly.  Be sure to smile as you talk.  You would be surprised to hear how you come across with a serious face. 
  • When you answer the phone, be sure to clearly say "hello".  If you are lying down when you answer, you will sound like you are in bed.  If you are in bed, sit up when you answer.  You will be surprised how much better you will sound.  
  • Avoid saying yeah, uh uh, or other mundane sounding terms.
  • If the TV is on or there is loud music playing, please turn it down before answering.  It's very distracting.
  • Be prepared with pen and paper near the phone.  The employer may give you information that you should write down, such as, time for an interview,  address, phone number, etc.    
  • If you have a distinctive accent, please speak clearly so the caller can understand you.  
  • Finally, thank them for calling you.  The word "thanks" goes a long way!  

Written by Bonnie Mackenzie, September 20, 2018

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