Our clients say:

"Bonnie knows this business.  When I talk to her, it's like talking to an old friend.  She has tons of experience.  When I heard that this was her agency, I knew this was a perfect fit for our facility.  I worked with her years ago, and she is sincere and thorough.  I'm so glad we work with Shore Staffing."

"Heather stays on top of the schedule, literally.  She has a way about her that gives you the feeling that she truly cares.  She confirms and reconfirms the schedules with her nurses and with us.  At first, we didn't know if we wanted so many confirmations, but after working with another firm, we appreciate the confirmations.  We know that the Shore Staffing nurse is professional and cares."

To contact us:

Heather Gardner 


410-957-2800 x1

Bonnie Mackenzie


410-957-2800 x2

No excuses please:  

Have you ever worked with someone who always has an excuse as to why this occurred? Then don't become someone always making excuses:

  1. Being on time shows respect.  Being late isn't an excuse, it's a choice.  
  2. Being on time shows maturity and responsibility.
  3. Be 15 minutes early - the early bird gets the worm!
  4. Being late gives the impression that your time is more valuable that ours.
  5.  Don't make excuses, make changes.  

​Heather Gardner

HEATHER joined us 10 years ago as our staffing expert.  Her expertise is matching the right person with the right assignment.  With a background in Marketing Management and Account Services, she brings a smile, determination, and positive addition to our team.  She is the connection between you and the employers we serve.  She believes in open communication and asks for your cooperation in scheduling your next shift.  Heather has 2 children, Noah & Peggy, and lives with her family and her miniature dachshund, Cooper. 

Contact Heather at 410-957-2800 x1 or heather@shorestaffing.com





F:  410-630-7280

About Shore Staffing

Shore Staffing is a nursing agency that specializes in providing facilities and organizations the best nurses and healthcare providers in the area.  We expect our staff to be reliable, qualified and team players.  We only hire those who meet our qualifications.  Recent experience is required.  A minimum of 2 years experience in your area of expertise is required.  And we look for open communicators who will be part of the team in a positive way.   

Bonnie Mackenzie

BONNIE  started Shore Staffing in 2004 following her dream to provide DELMARVA with the best staff possible.  "My intention was to bring a fresh new agency to Delmarva for Delmarva". Shore Staffing was created to provide the Delmarva community with experienced, quality based healthcare professionals.  She felt that Delmarva deserved a hands-on, local staffing firm with exceptional providers.  Shore Staffing is a member of the Chesapeake Registry, a consortium of agencies and healthcare facilities in Maryland, DC and Delaware mirroring the quality standards of the Joint Commission.  Our clients include hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living, schools, correctional and more.