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We work with facilities that include but are not limited to:  Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Long Term Care, Assisted Living, Schools, State Facilities, Physician Practices, Clinics, Rehab Centers, Prisons and other correctional institutions, and more...  We  maintain an open line of communication with all clients and employees.  We strive to be on top of each and every situation so to provide excellent service.


Welcome to Shore Staffing.  We are a healthcare staffing firm located in Delmarva specializing in providing healthcare professionals to facilities in Maryland, Delaware and Virginia.  

Our staff is comprised of wonderful healthcare people who take pride in each and every assignment.  We have a philosophy that "We are Guests in their House".  Just ask one of our team members.  

Recently we asked our staff about why they work with us.  Here are several comments:  

One said:  "Shore Staffing has been an great experience and opportunity for me and I look forward to resuming my responsibilities with the team.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to utilize my skills. One of my highlights in working with your company, is the supportive-ness and the professionalism.  Thank you for upholding the highest standard in nursing supervising."

Another said:  "Shore Staffing is the bomb! Great people ! I still sing your praises!"  

We have a great team of nurses.  And our team works together as a team.  Consider joining this impressive group.  Shore Staffing loves to hire nurses that are committed to their profession.  

Here are a few articles written by Bonnie Mackenzie, owner of Shore Staffing, with ideas to help you as a professional, a team player and an employee.  Please read them and give us feedback.  You may write to Bonnie at


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